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my favourite new series

As you no doubt have gotten used to from us, we occasionally like to share some of our favourites—be it series, movies, books, coffee, you name it. I have written about my favourite movies in past but not about series. Part of the reason is… I watch too many of them. I love me some good TV series.

For that reason, I thought I’d keep this short by sharing only a few of the more recent ones (meaning, that are on their first season, or just about to start the second) that I enjoy. For your convenience, I’ve split them into genres loosely assigned by me, and they’re displayed in alphabetical order. Click through any of the images for more information on the series.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Action & Crime

History (fiction)

Comedy & Others

What about your favourites? Did they make my own personal list? I’m also glad to say that all of the ones above have been renewed for second seasons 🙂

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