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#metabeers 20 july 2016: live tv

As summer hits its stride #MetaBeers returns shortly at the The Draft House (Chancery). In June we talked about people’s own experiences of content discovery, then we had the only metadata pub quiz with floral prizes, and of course excellent food and drink.

The next date for your diary (as advertised in our newsletter) is Wednesday 20 July from 6:30pm for a 7pm start. We’ll be talking about our own experiences of finding content. Join us!


#MetaBeers are our monthly get together with colleagues, friends, partners, and likeminded folks. They are spoken in plain English, and are a fun night out where we all expand our views as we consume the best ales and finger foods an English pub has to offer.

july: live tv

In July we’re going to talk about live. Whether on TV or on a phone, whether it’s a huge global event or your friends doing something interesting, there’s a power to watching something that’s happening right now. Even Mark Zuckerberg agrees. Tell us your view…

the plan

We’re putting the finishing touches to our schedule. Here’s the plan for the evening, so far:

  • chris — live, suddenly everyone’s doing it
  • emils — this industry gets live right: click here to see how
  • dias — gooooooooal: importance of commentators
  • rita — live(ing) without the middlemen
  • thomas — it’s all about the interface really
  • martins — live streaming console gameplay, now and then…
  • mirona — olympics live, the need for many streams
  • …and finally luke — for the one and only metadata pub quiz, with prizes

how does it work?

You sign up to #MetaBeers, RSVP the invite, and come along with all the +1s you like. We prepare talks, buy pints & treats, then we all gather round and make merry. We’re having as many 5 minute talks as needed to cover the theme, but never more than 1 hour. If you’d like a spot (this month, in May, etc.) on the running order, do get in touch*.

back in june: discovering content


This is all follows on from June where we talked about finding content. Every talk offered a fairly unique perspective on each person’s ways of finding video and audio. No CDNs or caches were hurt in the process… Here’s the evening in tweets

next time: what about august?

In August TV will be dominated by the Olympics, those 2 weeks in every 4 years where a significant part of the world comes together to watch live a set of mostly otherwise minority sports. #MetaBeers will be right in the middle of it. We’ll watch some, talk some, and discuss what can be learned for the other 206 weeks of each 4 year Olympic cycle.

and in september?

Looking further into the future, in September we’ll talk about the immersive power of TV shows that feel like movies. Mad Men, Sherlock and True Detective come to mind.

But that’s still a way away. For now, please do join us on Wednesday, July 20th.

* drop a comment here, pick up the phone, tweet at @metabroadcast, reply our invite (signed up yet?), write us an email, come to the pub and register—lots of ways to get in touch with us!

Updated: a few times 18-20 July, to add to the schedule.

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