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Many an awesome engineer, designer and all-round useful person have applied with MetaBroadcast across the years to discover that interviews and tests are not industry-standard (if there is such a thing). Most of these fine people, as well as those who hover round our inner circle and know our ways, have commended us for said process, so here’s the whole thing. If you like what you read, apply here.

Assuming we received a good CV/ LinkedIn profile, and a cover letter answering the question why you?, or that we’ve already spoken briefly at an event (we welcome partners & friends to our monthly #MetaBeers), we’ll take you through the steps below, which either of us can break at any point:

  1. meet the founders

    This happens over a coffee/ tea in Central London, and is extremely informal. Chris and I want to see whether you’re a T-shaped person and what else drives you in life but a profession. We also want to give you an opportunity to ask questions about the job, the team, the development process and so on, that we haven’t already answered on our blog 🙂 Please be warned that we don’t have a favourite movie, band, TV show, dish, sport or, for that matter, technology, database, gadget and typeface—sorry! We’ll also frown upon questions like where do you see yourselves five years from now and what gave you the idea to start this company.

    This chat lasts 45 minutes or so. It requires no dress code and no preparation other than becoming familiar with our company and products. Our fantastic blog can and will answer a lot of your questions, so start there and enjoy the read. Ourselves, we only have five tinsy tiny questions, so come prepared to spend the time asking your questions that help clarify your picture of MetaBroadcast and your future role. If we hit it off, it’s possible we’ll geek out. And we’ll always pick up the bill. Cheers!

    candidate chat at wild & wood

  2. complete a test in your own time

    We have a test for every position, and if you’re looking to craft a particularly novel job for yourself, we’ll create a matching test just for you. We’ll often require that you work with an API or product we develop. We expect tests to take 2 hours of your time, but how fast you get to them depends on your available time—we had tests returned over the night, across a weekend and even in a couple of weeks. It’s your time, so the last thing you need is us adding to the pressure.

    Tests aim to show us how you think and how you solve a challenge, while giving you a realistic glimpse of what working with us is like. By seeing your test results, we’re also able to tweak your schedule for the day you join us in the office, and put forward the appropriate team members who will help you succeed on that day.

    Refreshing your memory and any setup you might need do not count towards the total time. Start the clock when you’re ready to work. Then again, don’t spend more than the allotted time on the test—even if you don’t finish, we’d rather understand what you can get done in 2 hours and calibrate your day in, rather than give you an impossible task that Friday.

    wooden toys

  3. spend a day working with us

    Again, this is function of your time and the previous commitments of our team, but it’s never been delayed for more than a few weeks from the previous stage, and the whole process sometimes happens within a single week. What you end up doing that day will be close to the features and products we build. The aim is to produce something usable by end of day, with help from several team members.

    We like doing this on a Friday, as the winner of the team’s votes that week picks the shared lunch and we all sing (anonymous) praises, chat about everything and anything, test our newest puns, watch a video or two, and in your case play a quick game, as well. After work, you join the team in a pub nearby and we all get another chance to show our true colours 😉

    The day in the office is good fun, but don’t underestimate the pressure of getting something done in 5 hours or so, and while you should enjoy every single bit of the day, don’t get distracted by the fun bits alone. You’re here to get stuff done and, in the process, assess whether you enjoy our type of work, our style, and our need to deliver. Good luck!

    sending out offers

    By the end of our day together, we would’ve taken a decision and before we part, you will receive an offer if all went well. That means: the offer, a contract including the starting day we agreed, a long list of benefits, a short list of what you should organise before your second day at MetaBroadcast, and a sweet thank you from us. Your day in the office will generally start at 10am, and you’ll be leaving the pub about 8pm—or later, if the party keeps going and you’re enjoying it. Simples!

The recruiting process described above developed organically throughout the years, and stands for anyone wanting to join us, including freelancers, contractors, and students. We don’t claim it’s perfect, unique, or in its final incarnation. But we are keen to put quite a bit of effort in the early stages, to ensure that you have all the facts before deciding, that any existing friendship with a team member is safe, and so is MetaBroadcast, as well. Time to apply for one of our open positions, or craft your own 🙂

Below, a few entry points to our prolific blog, particularly around how we do things, and what it’s like to work at MetaBroadcast when it comes to writing Java or, say, sharing food:

Update, 15 February 2016: We have updated this process and blog post. As usual, feedback is more than welcome in the comments below. But not from agencies and other recruiters.

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