hiring makers, now aided by a sweet referral fee

Update, as of 3 Aug 2015: The cash bonus has just been dropped entirely, due to being a disincentive too often (adds extra pressure, impacts existing friendships, is weird to share, etc.). No one has claimed it or qualified for it in the last eight months. But we are keeping the cake for those rare times when referrals lead to hiring makers… in the future 🙂 We think this method ran its course, in short.


Throughout the years, we have found new team members through a variety of methods, two of which have become valuable mainstays by building our current team. The first is advertising jobs, and the second—referrals from current team members and friends of the company. Today we are announcing our sweet referral scheme as an expression of our commitment to growth, and to giving back.


This scheme is open to current and former team members, as well as selected friends of the company. The latter are people who have already had a hand in our success across time. What such friends and the team have in common is a deep understanding of who we are and what we do, and we are keen to recognise that.

If you’re not sure whether we see you as a friend of the company, do get in touch. We also encourage anyone who applies for a position with us to point the finger at any silent common friend who suggested the candidate comes this way. We’re keen to give thanks properly, more so to those too humble to speak.


We will award GBP 2,000 cash bonus to the team member or friend of the company who referred a successful hire. Thanks to our recruiting process, we know that anyone who accepts our offer sees a good fit and signs up for the long run. We are extending our recruiting process, and our referral scheme to awesome freelancers who will commit a solid amount of their time for at least 6 consecutive months. We have had such close collaborations before and long to add more under our belt.

Most referral schemes award the bonus when the new hire has successfully completed their trial period. As we have faith in our team, friends and recruiting process, we will already award half the bonus when the new hire starts with us, and only the other half upon trial period completion. And then, there’s cake: on the day our new team member joins, she receives one tasty cake, and so does the person who referred her.

rice cake in banana leaf


We will work out payment details case by case if needed; the general rule of KISS makes us recommend that current team members receive the cash bonus as an addition to their salary, while friends of the company invoice us. There might be other details to add to this section (and those above, for that matter), and we will update this post as and when we iterate the scheme.

For now, we can’t wait to get going, so do take a good look at our open positions and let’s talk business.

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