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A few weeks ago we held a series of internal hack days, to flex our creative muscles and play about with technology that’s been interesting but eluding us. This produced a number of things with which we’ve continued tinkering, and I’d like to introduce you to Gawp, the first hack to make it out of the door (and only just) as an invite-only super alpha.

Gawp is NOT the next generation of video-on-demand service, nor is it an innovative new way of discovering TV shows. Also, it will NOT cure any kind of sickness. It will, however, log what you’ve been gawping at, be it TV or online, display it in a pleasant fashion and increasingly tell you interesting things about the content, your gawping habits, and the gawpings of others.

As well as giving us an opportunity to develop a product focused entirely on consumption, it also meant we got to play with:

  • Developing a Chrome extension
  • Hooking into iPlayer‘s and 4oD‘s JavaScript to automatically notice someone gawping at something
  • MongoDB’s map-reduce functionality

Additionally, this is yet another project that relies heavily on the Atlas API for all its program data.

If you’d like to start gawping at things, please request an invitation and, assuming nothing’s caught fire, we’ll get you one soon! If we feel that this hack is worthy of some serious time and investment then we’ll move it to its rightful domain (we’ve got one, try and find it 😉 ) and take down the barrier. For this, we really want to know what you think of it! Would you gawp? Are you uncomfortable making this kind of data public? What else would you need to for this to be useful service? Let us know by messaging us through @gawptv or personally.

For more info, read the about page and why not check out what I’ve been gawping at…

gawp - everyone

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