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fun with load testing


In the past, I have used Redline13 to load test components in AWS cloud. Using Apache Jmeter, testing on the cloud is possible but it requires more work and maintenance. Redline13 supports tests written in PHP, Apache Jmeter, Gatling and Node JS .

why redline13?

The interfaces for setup and configuration are very easy to use. For a Jmeter test, you upload your JMX file and optionally you can upload any CSV data files, plugins, and other libraries. Redline13 provides a feature to save the response output of the tests but this feature is only included in pro version. In the advanced cloud options, Redline13 allows you to tag your instances and distribute the tests across different Amazon regions. It also provides an option to select which type of instances you would like to use e.g m3.medium as well an option to use spot instances or on demand instances.

Once the instances are ready and running Redline13 reports:

  • New requests per second – informs us if we are sending expected load to the server
  • Average response time – good indication of the performance
  • Load Agent CPU usage – informs us if we are overloading the load agents
  • Network bytes received and transmitted

redline13 is good, but…

Redline13 is a very useful service as it does most of the work for us. i.e setting up the tests and running the tests on the cloud. However, the reporting on Redline13 is very limited but you can use Jmeter plugins to generate pretty graphs (however in order to view these results you need to have a pro version). If you are using a service to monitor, understand and visualise the metrics e.g Librato then Redline13 would be a good option as you can get necessary information from these metrics. If you are interested in tools for creating test plans, please read the blog posts by Max Tomassi and Wojtek Wajerowicz.

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