from an email in our inbox to an offer in your hand in only three steps

That’s all it takes: an informal chat, a 2-hour test in your own time, and a day spent with us in the office. If you zip through it quickly, as some choose to do, it can be merely a week before you receive an offer.

Our recruiting process, well commended by candidates and others who come across it, has just become simpler. There have been several tweaks over the past year, but none as big as making offers on the spot.

Wherever we can, we bring to everything we do the soundest principles of software development, and shipping is perhaps the most potent. Offers to candidates are a perfect example of work that needn’t wait to get out.

For the full story, including further reading, do have a look at the updated post. Then maybe top that with a peek at our 9 open positions, full-time and based in Central London. Chris and I would love to meet you!

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