engage release notes – week to november 19th

Here are the Engage release notes for the week to November 19th.

The following item has been deployed to production:

  • Performance improvements – with a particular focus on Page Tracking, an administrator’s tool for tracking Facebook pages

The following item has been deployed to staging for a future production release:

  • New endpoints for Term Tracking – a new feature soon available to launch partners, for tracking terms in Twitter conversations

Developed with launch partners from the media industry such as the BBC, MSN and Global, Engage offers media audience insight by measuring engagement with audiences across Twitter and Facebook. It provides an easy way to see in real-time and historically what works best and how tweets and posts are doing across individual accounts and pages, business verticals, and the organisation at large. Engage tells you at any given point what communication brings visitors to your site, how that compares to organic traffic, and how your direct competitors are faring in their efforts. Below you can request a demo of the tool that helps organisations track engagement on social media, update editorial policies on the go, and increase traffic to their content.

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