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doing things differently

It's hard to believe it's been two months since I graduated from university and nearly a month since I joined the team at MetaBroadcast and what a month it's been.

As the title suggests the experience has been both different and very new to me. At university if you listened carefully you would more often than not find yourself in familiar territory, if this was not the case the people who designed the problems were on hand to set you back on track. As expected this is not how things work in the real world.

Every day at MetaBroadcast has filled with new and exciting challenges with each and every one teaching me something new and much quicker than I could have ever hoped to have learnt them at University.

my first two weeks

After being introduced to everyone and meeting my buddy I was given my first task which would span the first two weeks of my time at MetaBroadcast.

The task was build an ingester for our global API Atlas which would run as a micro service in Kubernetes. While the concept was nothing new, the type of data and how we planned to introduce the information we had ingested to Atlas was. Previously Ingesters wrote their information to MongoDB which Atlas would then scoop up and share with the world, with my implementation I would be writing to Atlas directly and letting it take care of the behind the scenes magic.

This approach gave me an incredible insight to how everything fitted together and an incredible introduction to some of our codebases. I'm pleased to say after those two weeks and a lot of questions and a couple of remote debugging sessions I got there and the Ingester I built is now contributing to help millions find TV, Music and Radio quicker.

so doing things differently

Humans learn by doing. I spent more time than I care to admit thinking about the perfect way to solve a problem only to realise when implementing the solution that it would not work or failed because of something else. I have learnt to jump right in, start exploring and to focus my attention on solving the problem rather than just thinking about how to do it.

This way of working is beneficial in two ways. Firstly, you naturally end up breaking up the problem into more manageable pieces. This in turn creates a problem that is much easier to solve or seek help with, something which is encouraged and in abundance at MetaBroadcast. Secondly, I have found that I now have a deeper understanding of how everything works and fits together which has in turn allowed me to produce a much better overall solution.

my experience

My experience has been incredibly positive, everything from the work environment and the friendly faces that fill it to the work I have produced. I've already had the privilege of seeing my work reach the end of a production workflow and been able to observe it benefiting others.

The learning has not and will not stop and I look forward to learning more about the Meta way of doing things, working with and learning about new technologies, meeting new and complex challenges head on and doing all of the above at the incredible Meta pace. Bring it on ☺

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