#dconstruct09: russell davies – dematerialising a web of data

Russell Davies – Dematerialising a Web of Data. (Or What We’ve Learned From Printing The Internet Out)

When asked what it is that he does, he’s never come up with a good answer until seeing a sign inside Vauxhall Station: front of the train, less crowded —> now he knows he wants to hang out at the front of the train 🙂

Post-digital is the other answer to what he does, and if you listened to him before, you’ll know that his presentation is always alive, growing from very old and very recent events, reacting to sessions before his, and generally making a lot more sense in its oral form than in the nuggets I would summarize.

You might as well say it was so entertaining that I mainly took away a fuzzy feeling of comfort and a couple of ideas (which is the most any presenter can communicate efficiently, anyway, so rock on!). When it becomes available online, I’ll point to it, and until then, note:

There is a great deal of infrastructure around. Think of the newspaper printing machines he used easily and cheaply, for a friendly joke/ Christmas gift so successful that it turned into a service, Newspaper Club funded by 4iP. Think of all the RFID tags already embedded into our world.

Do physical things. It’s much harder to impress people on the screen today, because almost everything has been done already. However, the perception is that things in real life are hard work, and they can have greater impact.

Overall, seek to move from representing the world on the web to embedding the web into the world.

The afternoon was, indeed, much better than the morning. I don’t know, though, whether we’d return next year. I do know that we’d both like to see more ideas that can really happen tomorrow, as the theme this year proposed, rather than abstract thinking. Who knows, we may have to organize our own event one day. Not before the after party, anyway 🙂 Good night, dConstruct!

Update, September 8th 2009: A few photos of the presentation on Flickr. Thinking now that the actual slides won’t end up online…

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