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create and manage your atlas API key

Update, 17 March 2017: Please note there have been subsequent changes to Atlas access which render some of the post below obsolete.

Atlas gives you access to a wealth of data on TV, online and radio. Whether you’re a major broadcaster who wants to offer an Electronic Program Guide on your website, an individual who wants to run a PVR or build a home-brewed EPG with open technologies such as XMLTV, or a developer who want to build an app, Atlas can help you do just that provided you have an API key.

introducing Atlas Admin

Until today, requesting an API key involved contacting us, which wasn’t an instant process, especially on weekends. We have created a new Admin Interface for you to generate, use and manage an API key for Atlas. We already mentioned that it enables you to decide the sources you want to include in your data and to prioritise them if you want to merge together data from different sources.

Creating an account on Atlas Admin is easy:

And you’re done!

getting started

Once you have created your Atlas Admin account, getting an API key and the UK schedule data is really easy:

  • In the “Applications” menu, click on the “Create Application” button, enter the name of your application and click “Create application”.
  • Request access to “UK Channel lineups”, “PA”, and, if you’d like access to iPlayer links, “BBC”.
  • Enable matching.
  • Don’t forget to click on “Save” and to take note of your API key.

Now you can make simple calls to Atlas and you can make your own customised calls using Atlas’ documentation.

This service is fairly new and we’re keen to hear what you think about it and how you think we should improve it. So comment here or on Twitter!

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