come to our #metabeertalks on june 11th: it’s a whole new world. in realtime

#MetaBeerTalks, our monthly* get together with friends, partners, and likeminded folks is taking a turn for the better this month. Join us at The Plough from 6pm on Wednesday June 11th to be part of a whole new world 🙂

#MetaBeerTalks 11th June 2014 4pm

what? a theme to rule them all

We had no theme in the beginning, then a theme half way down the road, chosen by the speaker. It finally evolved into a theme chosen by the two speakers, often via some consultation with us. It is time to simplify all that AND do away with the boring, elaborate talk about the talk, while we still pick something of wide interest. We’ll have one theme per month, announced in advance, and opened to everyone in the team and the wider audience. So here we go:

  • June 11th 2014 – REALTIME: FAD OR FASHION? with talks from:
    1. Chris – Realtime: fad or fashion?
    2. Tom – Realtime recommendations
    3. Max – Spark
    4. Tim – Why caching is bad
    5. AND YOU?
    6. Mirona – Jelly
  • July 16th 2014 – SPORT IN BROADCAST

who? anyone, and everyone

At MetaBroadcast, most of our chats are 5 or 10 minutes. We consider that time more than enough to demo, discuss, decide. Of course everyone would have to have an informed opinion already, and keep an open mind to the others’ viewpoints, but that’s common sense. The important bit is that here, everyone with an interest can join in. So let us spread this model further, and open up the talking with a beer in hand to… everyone who might come to the pub, as well. We reserve the right to personally pester certain guests to take part, but we’d love to see things move a lot more organically, overall.

how? much simpler now

Follow us on Twitter, or check our blog for the post. Our next #MetaBeerTalks theme is announced in advance (see above). We’ll still allow 1 hour for structured talks, but split it in as many 5/10 minute slots as speakers require. If you’d like to speak, please tweet at @metabroadcast with topic, duration, month you’re after and #MetaBeerTalks. First come, first served, and we’ll update the running order as we go along. You’ll have to arrive at the pub a bit earlier if you’ve got something to project (slides, app, etc.) but on the upside you get a head start on the beer side of things 🙂 Most importantly? The 5/10 minutes slot can receive whatever treatment you like: expose, Q&A… game-ify it if you like!

why? because it’s who we are

When yet another confirmed speaker wasn’t sure about the topic, slides, or timing of it all, we finally had a tiny Eureka moment: why were we trying to do things the done way, rather than our way? It was making it hard on everyone, and a me-too evening, at best. So that’s all, well, buh-bye. The new format is very close to how we do things at MetaBroadcast (talking to each other), so very close to our heart. It means anyone can get involved and contribute in the greater discussion, as it happens, and everyone can remain casual, sit down, and get back, hopefully, a lot more than each individual has put in.

Now doesn’t that sound like a better way of going about things? Hope you agree and join us at The Plough on Wednesday June 11th from 6pm. Heck, I hope I hear from you on Twitter first 🙂

* And by monthly we mean every month except December

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