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Chris is ON AIR at the Media Futures Conference, presenting URIplay and our new baby product, amplus (more of a prototype, really). This will be the second LIVE introduction to a simple online tool for building video channels, and I’m very excited that so many people will understand the value of good metadata by seeing (and hopefully using) a straightforward, playful service built in a bit over a week by a smallish team. More about it in a post to follow 🙂 Update: Here’s the presentation.


On Saturday, July 4th Chris will make his annual appearance at Open Tech, looking forward to more examples of open data in theory & practice, as well as inspiring conversations. Do find him.

Chris will also stop by miniSPA on July 15th if all goes well on the product front that day.

On September 4th we will attend dConstruct in Brighton, so do get in touch if you want to have a chat there, we’re terribly social.


We enjoyed Twitter Dev Nest in London (follow @devnest) on June 23rd, though Chris was ever so slightly… knackered, just back from his NY trip. Of all talks we were mainly into apps and thus liked, in this order: scoopler (real-time search engine), selective twitter (for Facebook), friendbinder (all your friends in one place, think Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc.), where’s my friend (places twitter friends on the map) and tweetrhapsody (a Twitter love story). There was one more app of interest, but I didn’t catch the name 🙁 Otherwise, good beer and pizza 🙂 We’re looking forward to the next one and hope to present, maybe, in 140 seconds, an idea crafted that very night on the seed of much older experience (2007!).

The first public appearance of amplus happened during the first metadata roundtable at the Open Video Conference in New York on June 19th, to illustrate the benefits of clean metadata for video producers and lovers of moving images. Chris then went on and joined the second metadada roundtable on June 20th, and generally met a lot of cool folks changing the world. You can find the presentation below.

Previously, Chris had checked the Twitter Dev Nest upon his arrival in NY on June 17th, had fun, and made a note to stop by the one in London and compare. In NYC he met one of the two developers of Tweetboard, a brilliant service for real conversations over Twitter. I had seen it around the web quite a lot already, so I hope it flourishes.

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