Oliver Hall

classifying channels

Allow me to present: genres on Channels! We’ve been busy adding genres to our Channel data in the last week, and I thought it’d be good to share the new features we’ve made.

what it says on the tin

The most obvious change to someone looking at the channels endpoint is the addition of genre uris, handily contained in a field called genres:

filtering the waters

We’ve also added some handy filters for fetching channels by genre, on both channels and channel_groups endpoints. First up, you can filter the channels endpoint by one or more comma-separated genre uris. If you want all entertainment channels, for example, you can call something like this:


Most of you, however, are likely to want to query by Platform and then by Region, to obtain the appropriate channels for your area (for more details on that querying process, and other channel info, have a read of this). For you, we’ve also added a similar filter on the channel_groups endpoint, that again takes a comma-separated list of genre uris. For performance reasons, we’ve only enabled it for a single channel group query. Here’s an example of that, again obtaining all entertainment channels, this time for Freeview London:


N.B. We’ve added the channels annotation to display the Channels for this channel group, you’ll need this to see the results of your filtering!

So, there you have it: genres on channels! If you’ve got any questions, leave us a comment here, or send us a tweet!

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