celebrate 4 years of metabroadcast with movie, cake and cava this thursday

Our movie night this week nearly coincides with our anniversary: yesterday we became four years old, and Thursday we're gathering round
our cafe for the monthly movie night. Since the latter features great films and tasty treats, and it's always open to friends and partners, we had to combine the two occasions.

Please join us in raising a glass of cava (wine, beer, Coke, cordial, coffee, tea...) and demolishing a delightful cake (plus many a nibble, including fresh fruit) from 6pm on November 3rd. There won't be any speeches, just having a good time among lovely folks, many of whom go a long way back, even past these awesome 4 years. And, you know, the night ends with a draw—one guest will take the DVD home. Instant gratification squared :)

metabroadcast movie night 6th oct 2011

RSVP @gorgeoux and don't forget to add this to your calendar :) Then, it'd be great if you had a moment to vote for your favourite movie, before midnight. We are considering ten titles at the moment, and are proud that
Radio Times, powered by
Atlas and
Voila, knows nine of them. We look forward to celebrating with you.

Update, November 2nd 2011: And, in an amazing turn of events, the winning movie is
Senna, a British documentary that
topped its category at Sundance this year. See those votes below? @asifkapadia, the film director
retweeted us, and soon after, the @SENNAmovie
fans seized our poll. Extraordinary! We asked the internets what to watch, and the internets sorted it out. Meanwhile,
Chris has engaged Asif Kapadia over LinkedIn and we harbour a small hope that he'd pop by during our screening. A whole new degree of awesome.

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