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becoming a cat: what to expect part two

To follow up on my previous post, I wanted to tell you a little more about how you’ll be spending your first few weeks as a new MetaBroadcat!

first week revisisted

happy hour

Each day you’ll see our Happy Hour in action and you’ll be shown where to find the wiki so you may add chats of your own. You’ll have seen in our daily happy hours that we view Jira tickets on a (agile) sprint or iteration basis.

An iteration is our working week, which runs from Wednesday through to Tuesday. In a one-to-one catch up you’ll be given a more in depth look at Jira and Confluence. You’ll be shown how to create your own Jira tickets and assign them to the correct working week.

You’ll notice that each Happy Hour we have chats prepared on specific topics each day as a week progresses:

  • Monday: Expected Deploys and Infra Review and Costs
  • Tuesday: Blog post Schedule
  • Wednesday: Code Review!
  • Thursday: Support Handover
  • Friday: Upcoming Features and Teams

While it feels like a lot to take in to begin with, you’ll soon find you appreciate these (aside from the code review) high-level looks at the company and the progress we’re making.

the building

You’ll be getting used to the lay of the land or rather, the office! Not alone though, help is always at hand. The one and only genie—yup, me—always takes new cats on a tour of the office, floor by floor showing where we store everything and supplying handy links to our wiki pages that recap this. I’ll also arrange an all important shortcut for the scanner.

the features

You’ll hear talk of features but won’t work on one immediately. To begin you’ll start working through the things agreed on during your your first day’s caffeine-fuelled chit-chat; those won’t be wrapped into a feature yet, that’ll come later. However, we will add a couple of other smaller items for you to take a look at alongside your main workload. These might be bug fixes or tickets related to improving our support process. Working this way helps get you in the habit of having one key focus but managing smaller tasks that crop up along the way, like helping fellow cats or incidents.

second week and beyond

Towards the end of your second week, start of your third is when your first feature does rear its head. By this time you’ll be well prepared to tackle it, having spent some time learning about MetaBroadcast’s planning process, the benefit utilising the tree method and having checked your task list/estimates with fellow cats to be sure you haven’t missed anything.

You’ll have seen the wonders of Foodie Friday during your visit to the office and from your second week you’ll be included in the vote! This gives you a whole week to impress the other kitties and gives you a week to get your head around what tasks they’re tackling, making it easier for you to assign that all important vote!

Your second week is also when you’ll officially start contributing to code reviews. We have a staggered approach to our code reviews:

  • a briefing Monday—that covers specific technology or background relevant to the review
  • a demo on Tuesday—that shows the code in question and gives the review-ee a chance to provide more detailed background info and plead ignorance on anything particularly messy ^_~
  • a spreadsheet— with links to pertinent background reading and commits.

As all new cats start on a Tuesday they miss the briefing session, immediately at a disadvantage! Then with so much new stuff happening, Tuesday’s demo is likely to get lost in the noise of the newness. Not to mention there just isn’t time to get your first commit up and running and to go through the code and the background reading. So you have one week’s grace before being having to get stuck in!

As the first few weeks progress this will all start to become second nature so all that’s left is to do is to write your first MetaBroadcast blog post as a testament to a triumphant first month.

And you won’t believe just how quickly that first post comes around but as they say, time flies when you’re having fun!

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