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becoming a cat: what to expect part one

So you completed the tests, chatted with Chris and Mirona, aced your day in the office and accepted the offer. So just what can you expect when you join the team officially?

Firstly, you’ll have a desk fully stocked with everything you might need for your first day: pens, pencils, a notebook and post-its. Not to mention a screen complete with hub for your keyboard and mouse! To go with all of that, we also hand over a laptop, pre-prepared with a basic toolkit to get you set for the focus of your first day: your first commit.

first day

On your first day you’ll be reintroduced to the team, shown where to hang your hat (or more likely, coat and bag), your shiny well stocked desk and your locker. You’ll be told—likely more than once—that your first day is all about your first commit and not to worry about customisation, that comes later ^_~ … Once you’re settled in (usually with a cup of tea or coffee), you’ll be taken through your first task and what’s expected. Then, with a final reminder that Happy Hour takes place at 12:00 sharp, you’ll then be given a bit of breathing space to get on with making, although helpful cats are never far away should you need them.

On your day in the office you will have tasted Happy-Hour-lite or a Happy Half Hour: a scaled down version of our daily catch up that allows you as much dev time as possible. Usually though, it’s a 1 hour deal with a 15 minute catch up covering all features/teams updates, a day specific chat ( eg Monday, Deploys and infra review), a demo and then 5 minute chats as requests by the cats on any given topic whether it be an upcoming feature or a tough bug. Your first day also brings with it the key to the city or rather, the office. A quick tour and trials of locking fellow cats in various rooms is an absolute must ^_~

At the end of the day—with your first commit under your belt—you’ll pop out of the office for a coffee and a chat about the plan for your first fortnight.



first week

Your first week will bring yet more new things to learn. You’ll be given a first look at Jira, Confluence and just a few of our wiki pages. You’ll be introduced to the Enterprise Beverage Facility (as well as the acronym) and where the rations can be found to top up the many delights it holds (clue, there’s a cupboard of wonders in Plan). You’ll also be given a crash course in proper use of the coffee and water-trons and just what all those flashing lights mean! Not to mention a tour of the entire building with an introduction to the lovely ladies who station the reception desk (and who sign for parcels as and when required). At this time you’ll also be given a closer look at the many Narnia-esque portal-to-another-land cupboards which house stationery, crockery, soft drinks, booze and the all important loo roll…

Still, I think this is enough to be getting on with, don’t you? So a closer look at the early days of a MetaBroadcat in my next post!

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