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I have gathered a list of Google Chrome extensions that I’m using daily while working on various programming related tasks. There are so many extensions and apps that are useful that it’s mind boggling. It’s possible to find an extension for almost any possible use case. I will share some of my favourite ones to improve Chrome’s performances and productivity by saving sessions and API calls.

session buddy

This particular Chrome extension allows you to save currently open tabs. Many times, I typed the same URL over and over again, until one day, I had enough. Obviously, there are so many various applications out there, but I thought, there must be one for my particular use case. Session Buddy allows to export and import your saved session. Therefore, it’s quite straightforward to make use of it on any computer. It’s possible to save the current session as JSON, CSV, HTML or text file.

the great suspender

Suspend unused tabs. I have started using this Chrome extension, and so far I love it. What this fascinating thing does is at a particular time it suspends unused tabs. It’s possible to set the period after which the unused tabs will be suspended. Similar to Session Buddy, it allows to save the session, but I prefer to use Session Buddy for that particular task. Also, it’s important to note that you don’t need to worry that the Great Suspender will suspend tabs that you don’t want to be suspended. In settings, it’s possible to add a list of whitelisted websites or select that website that has unsaved changes won’t be closed. With a right click on a website that is important to you, it’s also possible to choose the option not to suspend the particular tab as shown in image below.



This is a must-have tool for any engineer that works with web services and there is a need to make various requests to different services. This particular tool is awesome because it’s possible to save various requests and group them under the same folder. But not only that, if you register with Postman, your requests can be accessible on any device, simply by signing in.

This is a very cool little Chrome extension that allows you to have multiple to-do lists. The best thing about this extension is that you can download either Android or iPhone application and manage your to-do list on the go, from your phone or web-browser.

These are some of my favourite Google Chrome extensions that I think other software engineers might find useful. I could also mention some others like Pushbullet that I wrote about here few month ago, JSONFormatter and AdBlockPlus that Tom mentioned in his post. However, if I would do that this post would be endless as there are so many different extensions out there. I will keep searching and testing more awesome Google Chrome extensions and possibly in future this blog post will have part 2.

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