Jamie Perkins

atlas release notes – week to 10th September

Here are the Atlas release notes for the week to 10th September.

The following items have been deployed to production:

  • (Atlas Owl) RadioPlayer: use availability start field rather than actual availability start so the field can be used for ordering
  • (Atlas Deer) Rewrote the Cassandra content and schedule stores to use CQL rather than Thrift
  • (Atlas Deer) Introduced the actionableFilterParameters query parameter. This allows for providing some criteria for which a piece of content must only meet one to be returned in the results. This is contrasted with regular filters for which content must pass all. Example actionableFilterParameters=location.available:true,broadcast.time.gt:2015-09-08T07:55:02Z

The following items have been deployed to staging, for a future production release:

As always, please do talk to us in the comments below or on Twitter. You can also fork us on GitHub and explore the API.

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