Oliver Hall

atlas release notes – week to august 5th

Here are the Atlas release notes for the week to 5th August.

The following items have been deployed to production:

  • (Atlas) Merge genres on output.
  • (Atlas) Allow removal of Channels from Channel Groups.
  • (Internal MB Vimeo ingester): Caching of content in Cassandra.
  • (Internal MB Vimeo ingester): Rate Limiting.
  • (Internal MB Equivalence Monitoring system): Add ability to rate equivalence graphs manually.

The following item has been deployed to staging, for a future production release:

  • (Atlas) Extensive refactor of output feed to RadioPlayer.

Any questions and suggestions about these, Atlas, and its development, please bring up with the Atlas community. You can also raise tickets, fork us on GitHub, explore the API, and talk to us on Twitter.

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