Adam Millican

atlas release notes – week to 2nd november 2016

Here are the Atlas release notes for the week to November 2nd.

The following items have been deployed to production:

  • (Atlas Owl) – Changed web and iOS URL format for c4 ingester
  • (Atlas Owl) – Changed iOS URL format for c5 ingester
  • (Atlas Owl) – Allowed indexing of off schedule brands without children and add them to search endpoint
  • (Atlas Owl) – Fixed bug causing MPX ingester to fail initialisation when unable to resolve a channel
  • (Atlas Deer) – Added metrics to measure latency of of updates from Owl to Deer
  • (Atlas Deer) – Added a test that we can remove a content’s container and container summary in content store
  • (Atlas Deer) – Added metrics to measure nature of writes in CassandraEquivalentScheduleStore#writeEquivalences
  • (Atlas Deer) – Changed CassandraEquivalentScheduleStore#writeEquivalences to only process one graph at a time
  • (Atlas Deer) – Translated dots in metrics because they confuse Grafana

As always, do talk to us in the comments below or on Twitter. You can also fork us on GitHub and explore the API. Before you go, let us know if it’s time we worked together.

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