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atlas release notes – week to 23rd february 2016

Here are the Atlas release notes for the week to February the 23rd.

The following items have been deployed to production:

  • (Atlas Owl) Filter content not actively published from equivalence
  • (Atlas Owl) Split equivalence results files into multiple directories to avoid inode errors
  • (Atlas Owl) Upload item hierarchy to YV on force-update
  • (Atlas Owl) Sort YV tasks by date descending in YV console
  • (Atlas Owl) Handle abbreviations and numbers in equivalence title matching
  • (Ingesters) Remove calls to deprecated Nitro API endpoints
  • (Ingesters) New TVA ingest adaptor
  • (Ingesters) Move away from deprecated formats field for Nitro ingests
  • (Ingesters) Fix bug in BT VoD ingester logic that propagates images and descriptions up the hierarchy
  • (Ingesters) Fix NPE in PA ingester
  • (Ingesters) Create PA recent updater task to re-ingest all files (including processed ones) in last 3 days
  • (Ingesters): BT genres are now mapped to tags to improve content priority scoring
  • (Internal Tools) Equivalence debugging views: the publishers key now displays colours for each source dynamically.
  • (Internal Tools) Equivalence debugging views: Clicking on an entity in the equivalence tree now always returns data from Atlas when able.
  • (Internal Tools) Equivalence debugging views: The entity preview window now features a link to the Owl and Deer API calls

The following items have been deployed to staging, for a future production release:

  • (Atlas Deer) Option to override / merge schedules via URI argument

As always, please do talk to us in the comments below or on Twitter. You can also fork us on GitHub and explore the API.</

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