Dias Saparov

atlas release notes – week to 22th june 2016

Here are the Atlas release notes for the week to June 22th.

The following items have been deployed to production:

  • (Atlas Owl) – Search RadioTimes to PA film equivalence candidates by aliases
  • (Atlas Owl) – Ingest RadioTimes film ids as alias urls
  • (Atlas Owl) – Bugfixt overwriting schedule equivalence
  • (Atlas Owl) – Publish content endpoint on Owl Processing
  • (Atlas Owl) – Use role based access control to limit access to Atlas Owl for applications with corresponding role
  • (Atlas Owl) – Change logic that limits which applications can ask for more than 24hrs worth of schedule to use the application role based access control
  • (Atlas Deer) – Add priority_reasons annotation to content endpoint for outputting content priority reasons

The following items have been deployed to stage:

  • (Atlas Owl) – Roll back to hard-coded channels for BBC schedule ingest

As always, please do talk to us in the comments below or on Twitter. You can also fork us on GitHub and explore the API.

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