Fred van den Driessche

atlas release notes – week to 18th march

Here are the Atlas release notes for the week to 18th March.

The following items have been deployed to production:

  • Support for Reviews data.
  • Equivalence tasks for C4 PMLSD data.
  • Localized descriptions and titles.
  • Fix ordering of follow-on broadcasts.
  • Changes to Application model for Stripe integration.
  • Add CORS headers to OPTIONS requests.
  • Fix for Redux ingest.

The following items have been deployed to staging, for a future production release:

  • Support conversion from Episode to Item.
  • Switch to PMLSD source for Interlinking.

Any questions and suggestions about these, Atlas, and its development, please bring up with the Atlas community. You can also raise tickets, fork us on GitHub, explore the API, and talk to us on Twitter.

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