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atlas release notes – fortnight to 10th january

Happy New Year from all of us here at MetaBroadcast 🙂

In between all the holidays, we’ve been working away on two major improvements to Atlas that we have now deployed to staging for a release to production in the next couple of weeks.

The first of these is annotations in the API.

Annotations allow you to request just the data you require from Atlas, reducing the amount of data that needs to be transferred and processed. This is particularly important in areas such as mobile, where downloading unnecessary data can take a significant amount of time.

Only need basic descriptive data and broadcasts, but not locations and people? Annotations let you request just the bits you require.

The second big thing we’ve been working on is a major remodelling of channels within Atlas. As part of this channels have also been added to the API. Channels can be requested individually or as a complete list. They also know whether they are tv or radio and if they are a variation of another channel.

We’ve also added channel groups for modelling platforms and regions. These are groups of channels that list, for example, all of the channels available on Freeview or Freesat, or the channels available in a region, such as BBC Northern Ireland or ITV Granada. We’ve created a list of these groups for the UK, so lists of channels can now be tailored to a user’s location and platform.

In addition there were a couple of minor fixes to the XMLTV feed, which we’re happy to say seems to be working well. Thanks to everyone for your feedback, support and ideas on the feed. We’ve been listening and responding to as much as we can as we look towards how we can work together to further enhance it over the coming months.

So, a big start to the New Year. Here’s to a big 2012 for Atlas!

Any questions or suggestions about any of these, Atlas or its development process, please do ask on the Atlas discussion group. You can also raise a ticket for any issues.

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