Jonathan Tweed

atlas release notes – week to 29th november

Our Atlas metadata platform is an open source project and always has been. As part of our continued efforts to make the Atlas development process ever more open, we’re going to start publishing weekly release notes to the discussion group and here on the MetaBroadcast blog.

From now on, we’ll do this every Tuesday when we deploy the latest release of Atlas. We hope this will help keep everyone up to date with the constant improvements and additions we’re making each week.

We’ll briefly outline what we’ve released to both production and staging. Things might stay a little while in staging, until we’re sure they’re ready, so they may not necessarily be promoted to production next week. But we think it’s good to give everyone an idea of what’s coming up.

This week the following items were deployed to production:

  • Added device platform to locations (e.g. Xbox)
  • Added Channel 5+1 (channel key: fiveplus1)
  • Improvements to editorial ordering of child items in containers
  • Improvements to Xbox LIVE feed monitoring
  • Location available flag now always reflects current availability

The following items were deployed to staging, for a future production release:

  • Full iTunes Enterprise Partner Feed integration
  • Regular ingest of topics on BBC programmes

Any questions or suggestions about any of these, Atlas or its development process, please do ask on the Atlas discussion group. You can also raise a ticket for any issues.

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