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atlas and radioplayer

Today the UK radio industry launched Radioplayer. It’s a single, consistent web radio console that has been adopted by the majority of radio stations in the UK.

The essence of Radioplayer is deceptively simple: every station continues to operate their own console, as part of their own site. But they have adopted a consistent look and feel, and they link to each other. Radioplayer was inspired by the simplicity of a car radio. It offers a simple set of station presets that are stored in your web browser, and travel with you across companies, from BBC iPlayer, to Heart to Absolute Radio. Perhaps most significantly, Radioplayer includes a single cross-industry search function, that will allow for many new routes to discovering great radio content.

UK radioplayer

We think this is a tremendously smart initiative—a simple set of principles and technologies that make life better for users, and create new possibilities for industry innovators. All this has been achieved with little expense, and faster than many comparable initiatives. Congratulations to Michael Hill at Radioplayer central, and to teams across the UK radio industry who have worked so thoughtfully, and so hard to get to this point.

Here at MetaBroadcast we’ve been talking with the Radioplayer team for some time. We were pleased to be involved in the pilot version for the Radio Festival during autumn 2010. Over the last months we’ve added Radioplayer feeds to the capabilities of Atlas, our video and audio index system. Today Atlas feeds a chunk of the data required for cross-industry search. Because Atlas is open source, we hope this feature will be of use to a wide range of stations.

MetaBroadcast is really keen to be involved in smart initiatives like this. We’d love to hear: how can we improve our Radioplayer support? And how can we help you with similar projects?

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