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Amsterdam is a beautiful city in the Netherlands, populated mostly by cyclists. It has many canals, museums, art galleries, and other more notorious attractions. I recently visited and here are some of my thoughts and memories.


dam square

The place we stayed was very close to Dam square so it was used as a sort of reference place as to how to get around. Dam square is an attraction itself, host to the Royal Palace, shops, restaurants, and trams.


There are many outlets known as snackbars that sell local fast food. Types of food I tried that you may encounter include:

  • Frikandel – skinless minced meat sausage
  • Kroket – meat roll covered in breadcrumbs
  • Raw Herring – what it sounds like, served with onions and gherkins


Other than the traditional food, it being a large city you can get pretty much any kind of food somewhere.

body worlds

I visited Body Worlds: the happiness project, which had over 200 real human bodies on display in various states of dissection. The exhibition also had all sorts of information about the anatomy. A must see if you go and visit Amsterdam.

sky bar

We also visited the sky bar to get a good view of the city. The journey involved a short-ish walk and what appears to be a free ferry, which I thought was a nice touch. In fact there were lots of things about the city that seemed indicative of good city development, including bins with smiley faces on them that play a jingle when you use them.



Overall it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, with interesting food, beautiful views, exhibitions, and a great nightlife, all fit into a relatively short trip. I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

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