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amazon re:invent 2015 deconstructed

As usual, re:Invent brought with it some exciting announcements about new products and features in AWS. As usual, there were some that were less interesting for us. I’m just going to focus on the things we’re excited by, or we’ll be actively using.


AWS Inspector provides automated security analysis of systems. It’ll check for vulnerable software versions, best practice violations, with rules being maintained by Amazon. Details are a little light just now on the scope: will it cover web applications, for example, and they’ve not yet announced pricing, so we look forward to hearing more about it.

mobile hub

Having Amazon worry about all those things you really don’t want to when writing an app is amazing. Who wants to be writing authentication, storage, push notifications and the like? Not something we’re actively looking at right now, but one to keep an eye on.

ec2 container registry

Our migration to containers continues apace and a couple of changes announced at re:Invent will help that along. Having AWS take care of a highly-available container registry is another thing we don’t have to concern ourselves with. Great!

ec2 container services

Availability-zone awareness is crucial to anything creating Docker containers, so we’re able to ensure we can tolerate an availability zone outage. Now that’s been added, we can now start looking more seriously at AWS EC2 Container Services for running our Docker services.


Just the other week we were talking about versioning of Lambda scripts. Wish we’d saved that conversation for after re:Invent, because it all got a lot easier.

amazon ec2 spot instances

Locking in a spot price for up to 6 hours. Nice.

elasticsearch service


We’re looking forward getting our mitts on these early Christmas presents from Amazon soon, and making our lives easier by letting them take care of things instead of us.

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