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a year in: processes, persistence and pineapples

Three hundred and seventy-two days ago I walked into the office at MetaBroadcast towers for the first time since the recruitment process finished. Four away days, about fifty Foodie Fridays and countless lines of JavaScript later, I had my first metaversary which naturally made me wonder how another 12 months had gone by without me noticing. Whilst time is certainly flying by at a rate of knots, there are a couple of things that I have to show for the time that has passed — in particular, it’s the non-JavaScript related skills I’ve picked up that I’d like to explore…

processes and persistence

At no point was I expecting to be working with ruby when I joined. Our internal dashboard is written with a ruby framework called dashing — and when it became necessary for me to work with it, I quickly realised I couldn’t get a ruby program to give me the time of day (literally), much less build a new widget from scratch. I’ll bet most programmers relate to the experience of frantic Googling, trying to figure out how to accomplish that next step. Still, with a lot of persistence, the thing slowly came together.

There will always be opportunities to develop subsidiary skills such as this but it’s only through persistence that we can make the best of them. πŸ˜‰


I was a bit of an origami enthusiast when I was younger. Whilst it was always just something I’d use to entertain people during a long wait, it turned out to be useful when I began helping Rita make the origami for the winner of Foodie Friday. A little later I became the only origami maker and I quickly found that picking a new design to make each week was deceivingly difficult. Still, they’ll typically suit the recipient or perhaps the time of year, which perhaps makes it more curious that my favourite design so far is Garry‘s pineapple.

I’m not sure how well this skill will suit me elsewhere but at MetaBroadcast it’s been great fun trying out new things. πŸ™‚


The last 12 months have been tough and if I can spend the next year learning as much as I have in the last one, I’ll consider myself to be doing very well. Still, that’s not a license to take it easy; as I mentioned before, education is literally a never-ending endeavour. Never stop learning! πŸ˜‰

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