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2015 year in review: the year of meta

A year ago I had a little idea of how my professional career would go, as I had just started the second semester of my university studies. I was going to the university lectures, and then an exciting thing happened: I was called to my first professional interview as a computer scientist. As you could guess, it was the interview with Chris and Mirona for the position of engineer at Metabroadcast. It was a truly amazing experience for me.

I received an offer, which I didn’t hesitate to accept. It was just February, so I had to wait for a half a year before I could join the team. During those 7 months before joining, I was completing my studies, passed final examinations, had experience with data science and machine learning while writing my dissertation. Finally, on the 8th of September I joined MetaBroadcast.

technologies, technologies, technologies

I was thrown into the battle straight away. On my first day, I already had a task assigned to me for the month to come. This was my introduction to the world of software and system engineering. Not only I learned the meaning of unknown for me software development terms like continuous integration, but I had to use all the tools I never heard of before like maven, jenkins, jira, and plenty of other team collaboration, continuous integration, version control systems tools. That was a truly mindblowing experience.

I was involved in maintaining and developing the company’s main product: Atlas, and several RESTful web-services using Java 8, Spring, Dropwizard, MongoD anbd Amazon web services. I briefly introduced myself to the world of other programming languages, like Ruby, when working on the informative dashboard, and Javascript, while writing Frisby tests for the micro-services.

new year resolution

It is quite shameful to realise that you just scratched the surface of the world of software development, that you know approximately 1% of what you are supposed to know. This is why you should never stop learning anything. This is why I always have room for learning something new in my plans for my the future, and 2016 is not an exception.

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