For me, the final few weeks of 2015 were taken up with drinking, eating, spending time with family and friends and avoiding a keyboard as much as possible. Now at the start of 2016 I’m figuring out how to computer but also reflecting on the last year at MBTowers.

there’s no i in team or javascrpt

2015 saw the front end team evolve with the addition of Devo midway through the year, he’s been working on some important Voila based front end projects and been a champion of FESK, being the first team member to use it in a real-world project. 2015 also saw him get his foot in Nodejs land. 2015 also had Steve using Nodejs and together we started work on a whole host of internal MB services using BESK that will continue in to the new year.

Right at the end of 2015 we also had a couple of IDE Wranglers – Java Engineer – dipping their toe in Nodejs. Timothy and Martins both started work on yet more internal services helping them understand the woes of the JavaScript developer first hand ?.


I’ve banged on about FESK and BESK plenty over the last few months, but it’s worth noting some of the behind-the-scenes technologies and processes.

Testing took a big leap forward for our JavaScript projects in 2015, helping us write more modular, testable code and obviously testing to make sure the code works!

Our JavaScript style guide (forked from Airbnb) has helped us hone our code style and become more consistent across the board. This doesn’t improve the code quality in regards to 1’s and 0’s but it does improve the quality for homosapiens.

Extending on from the style guide, the introduction of company-wide editor configs and code linting configs pushes our code to be more readable and consistent, helping all who may read it.

Finally Wednesday code reviews have been really helping improve quality and ideas, they also allow everyone to better understand how we use JavaScript and ask questions from different perspectives. Having a conversation is always important to improve either code or understanding!


We’ve also done some stuff with metadata too.


What of 2016? Well, we’ve got a new JSer on the way who will bring some new perspectives – that we will all learn from – and more helping hands for the JavaScript uprising. We’ll also be working a lot more with Nodejs for small services and projects and along with that hopefully brainwashing some more IDE Wrangler to join the light side. Quality will continue to improve and evolve and we’ll probably try a few more frameworks – because that’s how JavaScript works, yo.

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