Lavanya Jeyaratnam

2015 in review: to infinity and beyond

Rollercoaster, my one word review for the year 2015. I moved to London at the beginning of the year to broaden my professional horizon. I then joined MetaBroadcast in October to take my career to the next step. Since I got here, the rollercoaster ride had more twists and turns than ever before, which made the year more exciting and enjoyable. I have done a lot of work in new technologies and improved my skills, as well as grown as a person. Below, some of the things I’ve had the chance to work with during my time here.


The tool of choice to develop web services on JVM. DropWizard replaced the much older and outdated tool Spring, which helped us be more productive and write more meaningful code, thus lesser boilerplates. In 2016, I want to understand DW in more detail and depth, and also to look at alternatives like Springboot.

dagger 2

Just like DropWizard, Dagger2 helps productivity. As a dependency injection framework, it helps avoid writing boring and tedious factory classes.


A tool built using NodeJS and Jasmine Framework to test REST API endpoints. Just like its name, it was fun and breezy to work with. If you haven’t tried Frisby, I highly recommend you do.

next year

Professionally, my expectations for 2016 have grown considerably since I joined MetaBroadcast. I am looking forward to getting my hands dirty with more challenging tasks, and in due course improve my skills further by learning new technologies. In my personal time, I would love to pursue my interests in robotics by building my own personal BB-8 (hangover from watching the recently released Star Wars movie). On a serious note, I want to learn how to ride a bicycle and publish an app for a mobile device.

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