2015 in review: the best reads of the year, as judged by you and peers

A not so #MetaBeers newsletter went out before Christmas, and lo and behold, it contained a top twelve (top tens are so pre-buzzfeed). The subscribers had spoken loud and clear all year, and in terms of their favourite reads 2015 looked like a pretty interesting affair. So here it is reproduced, such that the internet is not robbed of all that metabroadcat goodness.

But that’s not all! Throughout the same 2015, the internet itself had a good look at our write ups, and so I’m adding a further baker’s dozen of tasty morsels to your New Year reading list below 🙂 Thanks for reviewing us, so to speak, and for watching this space. Here’s to a rich and inspired 2016!

christmas decor in Plan

from our wee newsletter (do subscribe)

on the wide wide web*

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* For this post, only articles published in 2015 were considered.
** This never gets old. And it does get updated, so technically it is a 2015 article. Sort of. Anyway. Still here? Go on then!

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