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2014 in words, and numbers: the report is in

I wanted to write something to sum up the posts I wrote this year. To do so, I thought numbers would help—I’d go for tables (pivot tables!) but… maybe not! Let’s take a look at what 2014 adds up to, shall we? A final remark before we start, I’ll exclude all metappiness and top of the weekly wishlist posts, which leaves 19. Phew, that’s a lot, I’ve written plenty of words!

crack the numbers

If I’m being honest, I was originally going to write this up pointing out the main aspects I’ve covered throughout the year. At some point, the thought of checking whether what I had in mind actually translated into numbers came into play. Finally, I arrived at the idea of having something like a top 10 of words, which—hopefully—would be a nice summary. I was glad when I saw that it was. Let us proceed! Here’s a quick overview of what I found:

  • 13609 words
  • 62860 characters, no spaces
  • 76104 characters, with spaces
  • 630 sentences
  • 22 words, on average, per sentence
  • 121 characters, on average, per sentence
  • 270 paragraphs

For reference, that’s roughly 32 pages in 12 point font. Or, in other words, more than I was allowed to have for my dissertation when completing my master’s degree! Perspective is an interesting thing, isn’t it? Let’s take a look at 2014’s top 10 words to summarise what’s been going on.

1. time—60 times

This is one of the most valuable resources we have. This is true both from an individual perspective and from a company’s point of view. After all, in the words of Benjamin Franklin, time is money, but that’s not all. There are some things money can’t buy, and those are definitely the ones to look out for… Making time for what’s important is one of the best gifts you can give yourself—and not only around Christmas. Time is something we’re very conscious about around here. We do most things differently from other companies, but we believe in efficient use of time as one of those issues really relevant. For example:

  • we avoid cramming our diaries with meetings—instead we have a daily Happy Hour with the whole team
  • we ship things quickly and review them often, for the sake of allowing the reviewer to be able to do a good job in as shorter period of time as possible, and this way assuring it’s also possible to split the load among the team

2. important—48 times

The above is intimately entangled with understand what important means. Because, like many of the resources we use daily, time isn’t infinite (nor renewable) it’s a really good idea to determine what matters. Ask yourself: what’s important for me? and then do your very best to make it happen. It may seem silly or straightforward, but I’m pretty sure that if you take the time to write down what’s important for you (and be totally honest about it) your list will be both: a) shorter than you think, and b) not include some of the things you first and immediately think about. Having this perspective will change things; the difference between something that is important or urgent will then allow you to prioritise and organise yourself better, making your days less of a rush and more enjoyable over all.

3. people—39 times

One of the things that will contribute to making your life more enjoyable is to be around people who are meaningful, and surround yourself of anything that makes you happy. MetaBroadcast cares about their people (I wouldn’t have such an amazing job if it wasn’t so) and it’s easy to see. All the things from, happiness catchups, to metaversaries, with a pitstop for Christmas extravaganzas is considered and thought of to the last detail. Is it obvious? Sometimes. Is it easy? Not so much. Is it worth it? YES.

It’s all about the people, and I can say that! It’s no surprise that “people” is one of my top 3 words; just take a look at the “people” category and you’ll see why 😉

4. work—37 times

Working as a great team is a permanent challenge, but it makes things that much better. All of us have worked in environments that were, let’s say, less conducive of creativity (and good things in general). We might strike outsiders as a little strange but we take pride. Rather than “Agile” or “Kanban” we take the best of both worlds, add our own flavour, and we call it simply “talk to each other” when we want to make reference to the way we work at MetaBroadcast.

Again, because of all of the above (and the below!) our work periods are never dull. Sometimes they may even be a little too exciting! There’s always something happening to make MetaBroadcast more of what defines us.

5. good—36 times

And when we’re not making people jealous of our delicious treats, foodie fridays or meeting arrangements (I know, right?), we’re doing other good things, developing good code, delivering, shipping and confirming why the reasoning 7 years ago was sound and there were so many things we could do!

But that’s not all! When we think good, we need to think of what’s good for us, as people. We care that people are healthy, active and well taken care of . This will, at times, include those bits of knowledge we often try to ignore, like the importance of taking breaks and to understand why some things throw us off and how we can avoid it for example.

6. making—33 times

We’re firm believers that well being (body and mind) is key to doing good work. And, you must know, we’re looking for makers to join the team!

Oh, and what about that sweet referral scheme? We promise to keep the cake coming for the team, with or without recommendations, as we’ve determined that cake boosts productivity; either by eating lots of it and feeling happy or by keeping extra busy to ignore its presence and stick to the diet 😀

7. urgent—29 times

I’ve mentioned above how the distinction between important and urgent is a crucial one to know about. With that in mind, also consider that we’re a small team with big ambitions, so sometimes we’ll be pushing hard. We’ll push you hard, but only as hard as we push ourselves. We’re keen on planning ahead because that makes everyone’s lives so much easier, but of course we do our best to consider that not only might we have unpredictable happenings, as that some of them will require urgent resolution. There’s no way around this, but there are a few things we do to make sure as few things as possible are urgent.

8. day—24 times

Our daily adventures happen both physically, in all of our rooms and virtually—after all some of us occasionally work from home, so whatever we do we need to ensure they’re not left out. Many things are considered and processes are in place to ensure this. To give you a very quick example, think music; we have an office playlist that any of us can play if out of the office, we use skype for communication throughout the day, we indulge our inner artists as often as we want to

, we do flexible schedules, we have random wednesdays, burrito mondays/tuesdays/thursdays, and so on. There’s never a dull day around here!

9. need—24 times

Regardless of what it is we need, we really put effort into getting it done. Someone said they needed a cuppa? Someone’s on it already, I’m pretty sure. Need a bit of fresh air? Everyone does at some point, so go for a walk and stretch your legs. Need a new mouse? Keyboard? Wrist rest? Foot stand? A quiet room? A new flat? Organising your flights home better? SURE! It’s all done, even if some of those things take a little longer to achieve. Just keep in mind you’ll also need other things, like making sure you eat healthy, having a flat you’re comfortable in, that you have a GP, that you take care of yourself and your loved ones and… get good nights of sleep.

We promise we’ll be there for you and help you through.

10. sleep—23

So many people ignore this one… Sleeping is really important and I’ve written about it before 2014, too. I’ve even shared my experience with a nifty little app to keep track of your sleep quality and, hopefully, help you make the necessary changes to improve your nights. We’re known to care deeply about this as part of helping the team be good to themselves (is anyone really surprised that most of us are not that kind to ourselves?).Poor or insufficient sleep (hopefully not complete lack thereof) has some known effects and some more recently encountered, and none of them are positive. It’s time we all do tick this one out of our to-do lists and just acknowledge we need to sleep, and we need to do it well. Go to be earlier tonight? 😉

and that’s all, folks

Before I go, I’d just like to point out that we have had many major breakthroughs in happiness related areas this year. It was a very exciting year to be a Happiness Officer and I can’t wait to see what’s next. Or better put, because of how we do things, I can’t wait to make more things happen! It’s truly incredibly how much we can achieve when we put our minds to it and have a good team backing us up. And I have that. Seriously, this one is an awesome team! If you’re interested in being part of it, you can join us 🙂

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