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2014 in review: the choons!

So I had decided to write my ‘2014 in review’ post on music a few days back and had come up with an idea based around using Spotify’s API to pull statistics out of my year’s history. It would have featured awesome graphs and all of you would have loved it, probably maybe.

Of course as I sat down to contemplate specifics and begin the compulsory 2 hours of pre-productivity procrastination, I found this annoyingly brilliant thing made by the clever bastards at Spotify. Hint: click “Get your year in music” to see your personalised year.

Sigh…. Oh well. Let’s see what 2014 in music looked like for MetaBroadcast. If you don’t remember or don’t know, we have a shared account with a collaborative playlist that we broadcast throughout the office. Opinions can be very bipolar with many that find it to be both a blessing and a curse. I’ve discovered tons of great music this year from the cats that queue it up, which to me is totally worth the occasional hour of “Mooing Cow Sound Effect” on loop.


Ok, our top 5 genres for this year are…

top 5 genres

Sounds (ha) about right: I speculate most people find rock music stress relieving (I do). I doubt our office is any more stressful than the next, I mean Rita is damn good at her job. But these results probably don’t shock any of us.

artist, album, playlist

artist, album, playlist

The top 5 playlists are a bit pointless, our account rarely plays music not on the collaborative playlist, at least not long before someone notices and hunts the ‘DJ’ down. As for My Bloody Valentine, I’ve only been here since July but don’t recall hearing them that much.

top 10 tracks

top10 tracks

And this reminds me of that other playlist: Canonical Friday. I’m not a fan. If the name hasn’t betrayed it already, it’s the go-to playlist for Friday afternoon. All of these songs can be found on there.

seasonal favs & time played

seasonal favs

Neat! We played 16,502 minutes of music. That’s lower than I would have thought. Mine was 68,000 but that’s down to a combination of my 2-hour round trip commute and an exam period earlier this year.

busiest day

busiest day

As expected, Friday is the day to be a music lover at MB Towers, unless you are like me and happen to arrive too late to pre-empt Canonical Friday with something less canonical.

top 100 & play it forward

You’ll find links to create your own top 100 playlist and a ‘play it forward’ recommendations playlist on your 2014 in review page. Unfortunately they haven’t filtered songs you’ve starred/playlisted or even songs that appear in your top 100 from the play it foward playlist, nevertheless found a couple of gems in mine. Here is MetaBroadcast’s top 100 tracks in 2014 and Play It Forward lists.

<3 spotify

Despite ruining (read: doing better than I ever would have) my original idea for a blog post, I’m glad they did this. For me Spotify’s service, product and user experience is, honestly, flawless. I’ve never had issues listening to the music I want, the UI is enjoyable and consistent across all devices I use it on. I can listen from my phone and, given the forethought to mark tracks for download, even without internet. A godsend during The Commute. The ‘remote control’ function to control songs playing on a different device from a phone works seamlessly. To top it off it has just the right amount of social integration and control thereof.

I suspect there have been very few days this year that I’ve not used Spotify and I rarely have to think about it, but you can be sure I’d notice if it disappeared. One must take advantage of the student discount that buys all this for just £5 monthly, but even at the full £10 I’d be every bit as satisfied.

This completes my presentation of MetaBroadcast’s year in music and review of Spotify’s experience. Why not share yours?

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